How Digital Transformation in the Hospital is Saving Lives

hospital hallway

Remember in days gone by, when every trip to a doctor’s office meant waiting hours just for someone to give you the time of day?

The good news is that the quality of care available in the modern healthcare environment is evolving. These days, just like any other industry, the healthcare environment is growing at a rapid pace, taking advantage of the latest disruptive technologies available on the market.

As customer experience (or patient experience) becomes increasingly essential in the modern world, digital transformation is changing the way we think about care.

Today’s innovations are helping us to live longer, overcome illnesses faster, and even keep discomfort to a minimum for modern patients.

Let’s take a look at how digital transformation in the hospital can save lives.

The Rise of Telemedicine and XR

Back in 2015, there were around 1 million telehealth patients worldwide, reliant on mobile connections to get the care they needed. By the time 2018 rolled around, the number had risen to 7 million. Today’s technology is empowering patients in remote and distant locations to get the same life-saving support as their counterparts.

If you can’t afford to fly half-way across the country to meet a specialist or travel for hours to speak to your doctor, telemedicine could be the answer. With video conferencing available, some people can even achieve a telehealth conversation that feels just like a face-to-face chat. What’s more, telemedicine saves doctors a lot of time and hassle when it comes to traveling to visit patients. The fewer time specialists spend on the road, the more they can devote to their patients.

To make medical innovation even more exciting, the way that we communicate is beginning to evolve too. Alongside video conferencing and audio conferencing, experts are also investing in things like mixed reality too. AR and VR are helping doctors to learn how to perform dangerous procedures like open-heart surgery without having to perform on living creatures. However, on a smaller scale, these technologies are also making it easier for patients and doctors to interact at a distance. In the future, it could be possible to send your doctor a full 3d rendition of a problem you’re having with VR.

AR and VR are also helping dementia and Alzheimer’s patients to access a higher quality of care by allowing them to return to a memory or experience from their past. This might not cure Alzheimer’s, but the strategy allows these individuals to get more joy out of their day-to-day lives.

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Two of the biggest trending topics in any conversation about digital transformation are artificial intelligence and blockchain. The rise of AI has had a lot of exciting impacts on the healthcare environment. For instance, if you’ve ever had to go for a test and been left waiting weeks for the results, then you’ll know how exhausting this can be. Technology is now creating a more streamlined experience. Through AI, body scans and other services can be dramatically improved.

According to the latest studies into CAT scans, artificial intelligence and machine learning can process scans up to 150 times faster than a human radiologist could. This means that users can detect a vast number of acute neurological events within seconds. Since waiting around for results can be a very stressful event, this kind of customer experience can make life a lot easier for patients. What’s more, because AI can help with things like figuring out the right pharmaceutical compositions for patients, it allows for faster medicine trials than ever before.

Blockchain can also make a huge difference to the amount of time and stress involved in pursuing the right treatment options. For instance, if you’ve ever had to visit a specialist or switch your doctor, you’ll know that transferring patient files can be a real headache. Fortunately, blockchain makes the process much simpler, by allowing doctors and specialists to access a complete medical history. This makes it easier for doctors to access the information they need so that you can get the right quality of care.

What’s more, because blockchain is built for safety and security from the ground up, it can also help to solve a lot of critical security and data protection issues. This could help insurance companies and healthcare businesses save more money too.

Sensors and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things and intelligent sensors is another area where we’ve seen a lot of growth over the years. Connected devices are allowing innovators to invest in everything from intelligent cars to smarter homes. Now we’re seeing the impact of these tools in the healthcare environment too.

Sensors capable of collecting and analyzing biometric data, along with location information and other details, are becoming essential to the changing quality of care in healthcare. Leading tech company, Deltapath has been making strides in the IoT area by working hand-in-hand with the innovators at Toppan Printing in Japan. The company has made state-of-the-art mattresses that are infused with sensors, which allow healthcare providers to detect when a patient is in the bed, and when they get up. The sensors can also collect information about heartbeat when patients are breathing abnormally and more. When combined with the Deltapath Acute app — a smartphone tool for monitoring patient care and improving collaboration, the power of these IoT mattresses increases.

The mattresses can send information directly to the Deltapath app, allowing healthcare workers to access instant alerts when a patient wakes up. Using intelligent sensors, healthcare workers can get a better overview of the condition of each of their patients from within their smartphone. This means that they’ll know when not to disturb sleeping patients, and when to rush to the aid of someone who might be breathing abnormally. It’s even possible to send quick greetings to patients after they’ve woken up on a morning and check if they need anything.

Digital Twin Technology and Other Innovations

As new and pioneering technology continues to appear around the world, the opportunities for healthcare companies will only increase. For instance, recently, experts have begun to experiment with the advent of digital twins. These tools are designed to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. They work alongside computer systems and industrial technology to create models of environments that are as easy to traverse as the physical space.

In the healthcare landscape, a digital twin could provide a safe and easy-to-manage scene where manufacturers can test the impact of changes on the performance of a healthcare procedure, by experimenting with a virtual version of the system. This means that healthcare providers can ask “what if” and find the answers to their questions more quickly.

When combined with artificial intelligence, digital twin technology becomes even more impressive, allowing for deeper insights and more sophisticated healthcare procedures.

The Future is Now

Innovators like Deltapath and countless other health-focused companies are showing us the true extent of what might be possible in the future of healthcare. Digital transformation is changing every part of the modern landscape — including the way that we protect and save human lives. As the world continues to evolve, the opportunities for healthcare are endless.

Deltapath Unified Communications Company Named Most Disruptive Tech Company of the Year 2019

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 21, 2020 — Deltapath, a Unified Communications company well on its way to becoming a leader in its industry, today announced it has been included in the “Most Disruptive Tech Companies of the Year 2019” list by IndustryWired Magazine.

IndustryWired Magazine is a leading industry resource for helping today’s entrepreneurs build tomorrow’s leading businesses. IndustryWired brings insights, industry trends, and opinions from the greatest business leaders, C-suites, founders, and entrepreneurs.

The annual “Most Disruptive Tech Companies of the Year 2019” issue highlights companies’ unique value propositions and emphasizes the executives who have worked diligently, making their disruptive technology impossible to ignore. Deltapath was selected based on the company’s innovative technology that continues to evolve to meet customer’s ever-changing communication demands. Deltapath offers end to end communication solutions impacting customer experience, connecting companies, and making companies more competitive. 

“It’s an honor to be included in the Most Disruptive Tech Companies of the Year 2019. We strive to continuously develop innovative solutions to improve every person’s communication experience,” said David Liu, Founder and CEO at Deltapath. “We have taken big steps to fill in the gaps and moved beyond just connection to tackle and resolve numerous communication issues from interoperability of endpoints to audio quality that allow for more meaningful and seamless collaboration. We have an amazing team that is dedicated to delivering their best every day to our customers through disruptive and industry-leading UC technology.”

Deltapath has also received the Polycom Technology Innovation Grand Prize and Gartner’s Vendor To Watch.

About Deltapath

Deltapath liberates organizations from the barriers that prevent effective communication and revolutionizes the way organizations communicate through innovative technologies that meet the needs and the wants of organizations.

We specialize in solutions that unite different communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops, and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive.

It is our belief that every solution should embody simplicity and offer users the right form of communication for the right occasion, right at their fingertips.

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Deltapath with Dolby Voice Asia Tour 2019

At the beginning of the year, Deltapath and Dolby announced their new strategic relationship to bring customers a line of Deltapath products powered by Dolby Voice. Ten months later, Deltapath continues to transform the way people communicate.

2019 Deltapath with Dolby Voice Asia Tour Kaohsiung Taiwan

To introduce how our new product line extends Deltapath with Dolby Voice technology beyond the traditional conferencing environment, we toured across 9 Asian cities in 8 months.

2019 Deltapath with Dolby Voice Asia Tour Jakarta Indonesia

Participants experienced Dolby Voice through live demo and Dolby sound technology movie experience.

2019 Deltapath with Dolby Voice Asia Tour Tokyo Japan

They could also meet industry leaders and learnt how their businesses had evolved with the help of unified communications.

Together With Deltapath,
We Make The Impossible Possible!

Webinar Announced: Impact Sales Metrics and AI with Deltapath’s Noise Cancellation Gateway

Shelton, CT, 19 Nov, 2019 – Deltapath and TMC announced a new Webinar, Impact Sales Metrics and AI with Deltapath and Dolby Technologies, to be held Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 2:00PM EDT/11:00AM PDT.  The webinar is dedicated to providing insight on how to offer good audio quality to employees who work and attend meetings outside of their offices, and how to impact sales metrics by ensuring prospects and loyal customers can clearly hear employees and vice versa.  The webinar will be presented by David Liu, CEO and Founder of Deltapath Inc. and moderated by Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director at TMCnet.

“Despite so many alternative channels, voice remains paramount to successful business communications and is the best way to engage when it really matters.   When calls suffer from poor audio quality or distracting background noise, the experience deteriorates and what should be a positive engagement quickly becomes a liability,” said Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director at TMC.  “With today’s technology, there’s no reason employees or customers should have to deal with anything but crystal-clear voice.”

During Deltapath’s multi-country Asia tour, which takes place in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China this month, the company will be introducing its noise cancellation gateway and providing a demonstration for attendees.  The noise cancellation gateway is available to all businesses and operates on different platforms.

“Background noise is an age-old problem that has been polluting conversations and data for years.  While we can all control background noise in our office, it is impossible to do so outdoors,” said David Liu, CEO and Founder of Deltapath.  “The work-from-anywhere trend that is picking up momentum across the nation has resulted in more employees working and attending meetings while outside the traditional office space.  Our company wants employees and customers to all have positive, fulfilling experiences whenever they are on a phone call, even outdoors.” 

What Attendees will learn:

  • Learn how to cope with background noise while keeping up with the demands of business communication and work that takes place anywhere, but in an office.
  • Learn how to ensure background noise does not impact the integrity of the data harnessed from calls
  • Hear about the trends in the UC industry that are impacting sales metrics and improving customer experience.

Registration for “Impact Sales Metrics and AI with Deltapath and Dolby Technologies” is now open.

About Deltapath

Deltapath liberates organizations from the barriers that prevent effective communication and revolutionizes the way organizations communicate through innovative technologies that meet the needs and the wants of organizations.

We specialize in solutions that unite different communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops, and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive.

It is our belief that every solution should embody simplicity and offer users the right form of communication for the right occasion, right at their fingertips.

About TMC

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Deltapath Brings its Industry-Leading UC Solutions and Dolby Voice to Asia Pacific Countries

Experience how Deltapath UC solutions and partnerships are impacting customer experience, connecting companies, and making companies more competitive.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 14, 2019 — Deltapath, who announced in San Francisco, California in January an agreement with Dolby Laboratories to offer an end-to-end unified communications solution that fully incorporates Dolby Voice®  begun touring Asia Pacific countries. The multi-country Asia tour, which showcases their new product line, and lets their audience hear about their other products from the voices of the company’s customers, kicked off in April where it touched down in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Deltapath is revving up for its newest tours in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. Thailand will be the first stop on the tour and will take place on November 15th, 2019. 

Deltapath’s main focus at the events is on how it extends the reach of Dolby Voice from a conference bridge to mobile teams and inter-office teams for a superior audio experience. Dolby Voice uses advanced Dolby engineering in an intuitive design to deliver stunning audio. It is a true breakthrough in conferencing that delivers a dramatically better experience through easy-to-use technology that intelligently flexes to rooms and participants to give everyone an amazingly natural and productive meeting experience.

Deltapath Mobile, the company’s mobile client, also comes fully integrated with Dolby Voice so background noise will no longer highjack phone conversations, which aligns with the new work trend where more and more employees are working outside the office where they are conducting business calls.

David Liu, Deltapath’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer, stated “We have taken a big step forward to fill the gaps that are crippling communication and collaboration such as the inability to exchange information with customers from a noisy street, hear a person speaking from the back of a room when on speaker, and navigate conversations when voices overlap.  Working with Dolby helps us deliver an exceptional experience in all of these scenarios by incorporating Dolby Voice and integrating the Dolby® Conference Phone. Our new product line solves the longstanding communication and collaboration problems and answers the new demands of the ever-changing and increasingly mobile workplace.”

“We are very excited to have Deltapath onboard as our first partner in the UC industry,” said Patrick Ferriter, Vice President of Business Development, Communications Business Group, Dolby Laboratories. “This relationship extends the coverage of Dolby Voice beyond audio conferencing. Organizations can now experience the benefits of Dolby Voice on every phone call using Deltapath.”

Depending on the event people attend, they will also hear from different Deltapath customers. AirAsia, Asia’s largest low-cost airline, will be a keynote speaker at the Philippines event on November 19th to discuss how Deltapath’s integration with its third-party application improved customer experience and customer-agent engagement.  AirAsia Group operates domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations across 25 countries.

Kering is scheduled to attend Deltapath’s Hong Kong event to discuss how Deltapath’s UC cloud solution will keep its stores and employees connected across Asia Pacific and Japan where it operates over 800 stores.  Kering, a company founded in 1963 and headquartered in Paris, France is well known for its luxury brands from top fashion houses like Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta.

About Deltapath

Deltapath liberates organizations from the barriers that prevent effective communication and revolutionizes the way organizations communicate through innovative technologies. The company specializes in solutions that unite different communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops, and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive.

Media Contact:
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Kristen Shea

Protecting Your Investment

Your endpoints and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) can translate into many years of service for your business. Like most businesses, you probably also want your products to work for a long period of time to experience a return on your investments.

Product Lifecycle: End of Life (EOL) and Upgrades

Unfortunately, most products are part of a lifecycle and await the day they have either been labeled end-of-life or targeted for an upgrade. Your endpoints and CUCM are not immune to this reality. Why a product is labeled end-of-life can be anything from a change in market demands to the release of new functionalities. Similarly, upgrades are recommended for many reasons including manufacturer support, compatibility, and features and functionalities.

The typical recommendation for products at the end of their lifecycle is to rip-and-replace them. However, ripping out and replacing endpoints can be cost prohibitive for many companies, especially if many of its endpoints are considered end-of-life. Although upgrading your CUCM can be costly, doing nothing can potentially put your system and business at considerable risk. Maintenance and reliability risks coupled with no security fixes or critical bug resolution can spell disaster for a company. Similarly, new endpoints may not be backwards compatible so they will not work with your current CUCM version and applications may not be compatible with your version.

The big question by many companies then becomes, why would I dispose of my endpoints if they are operating without any issues and are meeting my business needs? And, what if upgrading my CUCM to the latest and greatest falls short of what other systems can offer me for the same price?

Explore a New Road

Your business investments can work longer. Companies like Deltapath support end-of-life models up to the latest endpoints. For example, Deltapath supports over 50% of the Cisco phone models that are EOL in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, versions 14, 12.0x, and 11.5x. In addition, the nucleus of Deltapath’s UC platform is interoperability. That means the company’s platform allows different brands of endpoints such as Cisco, Avaya, and other brands to coexist and work with each other seamlessly.

Super Charge Your Cisco with Dolby Voice

Our friends at Dolby Laboratories recently released one of its patent technologies used in Hollywood for enterprise communications. With Dolby’s release of Dolby Voice (DVC-2), you can experience state-of-the-art noise cancellation as well as studio-like sound quality with surround sound and without using additional bandwidth (average bandwidth consumption: upload 12.46kbps and download 47.71kbps). By integrating Deltapath with Dolby Voice with an existing Cisco telephony infrastructure, you will be able to enhance your telephone calls and audio conferences, which will amount to much better user experience.

Are You Ready to Find A Better Solution?

Whether you are looking for a solution to extend the lifespan of deprecated Cisco phones or to supercharge your Cisco telephony with Dolby Voice, Deltapath makes your transformation easy.

Deltapathが、ドルビーボイス 統合ソリューションを 日本市場で6月27日から提供開始

UC(ユニファイドコミュニケーション)業界のリーダーの一社であるDeltapathは2019年1月23日に、ドルビーラボラトリーズとドルビーボイスを統合したエンドツーエンドのUCソリューションを提供することで合意したことを発表しました。このドルビーとの統合ソリューションを利用し、会議ブリッジを介してモバイルユーザーとオフィスのユーザーの間で優れた音声品質のコミュニケーションを実現します。ドルビーボイスは直感的なデザイン、また高度なドルビーエンジニアリングを使用することで優れた音声を提供します。ユーザーが使いやすいだけでなく、会議参加者にとって有効な機能を提供することで会議の生産性を高めることに貢献します。デルタパスジャパンは、このドルビーラボラトリーズとドルビーボイスを統合したエンドツーエンドのUCソリューションを日本でも6月27日から提供を開始します。同日に開催されるDeltapath Asia ツアー東京で詳細のご説明・デモを行います。詳細・事前登録は下記から。

Deltapath Incの創設者兼最高経営責任者(CEO)であるDavid Liuは、次のように述べています。「10年前、Deltapathは業界で初めてHD音声とビデオを日常のビジネスコミュニケーションに取り入れました。そして、今回はドルビーと連携することで、騒がしい通りから顧客との会話がしづらい、音声会議でスピーカーから遠くにいる参加者の声が聞きづらい、音声がオーバーラップするなどといったコミュニケーションやコラボレーションがかかえていた課題を解決するための大きな一歩を踏み出しました。ドルビーボイス、ドルビーカンファレンスフォンを統合することでさまざまな新しい体験が可能になります。当社の新しい製品ラインは、コミュニケーションとコラボレーションの長年の課題を解決し、よりモバイル化するオフィス環境のニーズに応えていきます。」

ドルビーラボラトリーズのコミュニケーションビジネスグループビジネス開発担当バイスプレジデントであるPatrick Ferriter氏は、次のように述べています。「UC業界で最初のパートナーとしてDeltapathと連携できたことをとてもうれしく思います。ドルビーとDeltapathの連携は音声会議を超えてドルビーボイスの更なるカバレージを広げていくものになります。バーチャルオフィス、サテライトオフィス、在宅ワーカー、およびモバイルワーカーが世界中で増え続けることで、会話は閉ざされた部屋だけでなくあらゆる場所で行われるようになってきています。実際に、仕事はオフィスだけでするものではなく、どこからでも出来るものだとだれもが知っています。空港、電車のターミナル、さらには歩道さえもがオフィスになりえます。DeltapathのモバイルクライアントであるDeltapathモバイルはドルビーボイスと連携することで、電話の会話を妨げるバックグラウンドノイズを除去することを可能にしました。ドルビーボイスはまた、別々の場所から話す全ての話者の声をひろうので、複数の会話が同時に行われた場合でも音声がオーバーラップすることはありません。さらに、音声会議の主催者は、Deltapathモバイルから直接参加者を招待および管理することによって、音声会議をコントロールすることもできます。Deltapathとドルビーの技術を組み合わせることで、ユーザーは質の高い音声通話を利用することで生産性の向上を実現します。」


Deltapath について


■日本でのお問い合わせ先 デルタパスジャパン株式会社 マーケティング部 常松 Eメール:

Dolby and Deltapath Engage Event Attendees to Make Their Event Memorable Spotlight 2019: Part Two

It’s not often that events are remembered because of the impact speakers have on their audience. To make your event more memorable and engaging, it is important to supercharge things. One way to do this is by offering networking opportunities, which allow attendees to get the most value out of an event.

At Spotlight 2019, guests checked into the event and immediately proceeded to Happy Hour where they enjoyed drinks, finger foods, and connected with the people
around them.

At the next event, Dolby and Deltapath might want to take it up a notch. Perhaps a mixology class may be introduced at future events.  Attendees can learn how to mix a drink, help the person next to them mix a drink, and enjoy their own creations along the way!

Networking was further encouraged through the use of the venue’s space. A Dolby experience booth was setup that allowed attendees to experience and learn about Dolby’s video conferencing solution, Dolby Voice Room. The intentional use of space was clever. The experience booth not only brought a new experience to the table, it held attendees’ attention, and also gave them another way to develop new connections.

Deltapath staff setup a boutique where attendees could meet staff and shop. There was an enticing catch to the shopping experience – everything was free.  Event attendees received everything from mugs to ear buds. They even had the opportunity to try on and walk away with rain jackets. Come rain or shine, these attendees will not have to seek shelter in their new Deltapath jackets.

Lastly, Deltapath provided a banner that gave attendees the opportunity to take pictures, sign their names, and share their event experience. Attendees were given social media hashtags to foster interaction during the event in yet another way.

Remember, events are only memorable if you make them memorable. What will your event organizers do at your next event?

First Unified Communication Company to Partner with Dolby Deltapath’s Spotlight 2019: Part One

Spotlight 2019 took place in San Francisco, California where for the first time, Dolby and Deltapath announced their new strategic relationship. Dolby also announced this was its first partnership with a unified communications company, which made this event all the more significant.

The invitation only event brought together channel partners and customers from Asia Pacific countries, Latin America, and United States. Andrew Border, the Vice President of the Dolby Communications Business Group, spoke enthusiastically about Dolby’s history and its mark on the entertainment industry. His attention then turned to Dolby Voice, the audio technology that placed the company into the communication space and offered Dolby a new breakthrough market opportunity with Deltapath to bring everyone the best communication experience since High Definition Voice.

“We are very excited to have Deltapath onboard as our first partner in the UC industry. This relationship extends the coverage of Dolby Voice beyond audio conferencing. Organizations can now experience the benefits of Dolby Voice on every phone call using Deltapath.”

Patrick FerriterVice President of Business Development, Communications Business Group, Dolby Laboratories.

The Co-founder and CEO of Deltapath, David Liu, picked up where Andrew left off and delved deep into communication issues and challenges facing today’s companies and employees such as poor audio quality, voice overlap, voice pickup, and conversations that look unnatural over video and sound unnatural.

“We have taken another big step forward to fill the gaps that are crippling communication such as calling from a noisy street, hearing a person speaking from the back of a room when on speaker, and navigating conversations when multiple people are speaking. Working with Dolby helps us deliver an exceptional experience in all of these scenarios to every phone call.”

David Liu, Co-founder and CEO, Deltapath Inc.

David’s speech culminated with the announcement that Deltapath would fully integrate Dolby Voice into its end-to-end UC solutions to help solve some of the oldest and most prevalent communication issues. As Andrew eloquently put it in his speech, Dolby’s mission is to deliver a spectacular experience that transcends expectations.” We can’t wait to see this new market opportunity unfold and Dolby and Deltapath’s relationship evolve and extend to more use cases. It was the perfect kickoff to the beginning of day one’s event.

Keep reading Deltapath’s blog to see how this story unfolds.

Deltapath’s Prescription for Improving Communication and Collaboration

Technology, more than anything else, is probably the workhorse of the modern age. It has transformed communication by connecting people, no matter where they are, and making communication simple and convenient. Every now and then, however, a company comes along that wants to confront issues and make improvements to current technology.   

Deltapath believed its unified communication solutions could improve communication in numerous ways.  Perhaps the best example of a technology that needed improving is High Definition (HD) Voice. HD Voice technology was first introduced over a decade ago and has not flexed ever since its introduction even though the workplace and technology have been steadily evolving. Today, many service providers have made HD Voice their standard because they believe it offers the best audio quality. Deltapath thought differently.

Deltapath started work on a new UC platform that would take communication and collaboration a leap forward by providing audio quality that was superior to HD Voice. Research and testing revealed, however, that beyond audio quality, communication and collaboration were also being compromised by a number of other issues and challenges such as background noise, voice pickup, and voice overlap.

Background noise, as most of you probably know, can truly disrupt conversations. It can be distracting and mentally draining trying to focus on what’s being said while trying to filter out the background noise. It can also prevent you from hearing anything at all. Similarly, if you’ve ever participated in a conference call then you’ve probably experienced unnatural conversation when people are shouting across a room into the microphone of a conference device or awkwardly hovering over the device. And, if you are soft spoken and sitting in the back of a conference room, you may not be heard at all. Your voice may be drowned out by speakers who are louder than you or your input to the conversation may need to be repeated by numerous people before it reaches the front of the conference room. Lastly, if you’ve ever been on an audio call, you’ve probably experienced people speaking all at once. There voices become entangled so you either don’t understand what the speakers are saying, or you can’t make out   if it was Jerry or Robert who just committed to ordering the marketing brochures for the upcoming event. All of these issues are counterproductive to great communication.  

On its journey to design a UC platform that would deliver the solutions to make communication and collaboration flourish, Deltapath discovered Dolby Voice, a breakthrough audio technology.  As a result, a strategic relationship was formed with Dolby, a company known around the world for its iconic audio technology and cinematic experiences, to offer an end-to-end unified communications solution that fully incorporates Dolby Voice.Once a technology that was only available to participants that dialed into an audio conference, this integration will allow Deltapath to extend the reach of Dolby Voice from a conference bridge to mobile teams and inter-office teams for a superior audio experience.Anyone registered to Deltapath’s UC platform using the Dolby Conference Phone or Deltapath Mobile experiences the stunning audio quality you expect from Dolby – voices carry richness and nuance, subtle audio cues are preserved, and background noises are eliminated. In addition, everyone hears each person on the call from a distinct virtual location, so it’s easy to identify who’s speaking and follow the conversation. Everyone who speaks is heard – not just the loudest few — even when different people speak at once.

Equally exciting is that any endpoint registered to the Deltapath UC platform, irrelevant of its brand – Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft – not only benefit from total interoperability on Deltapath’s platform, but also benefit from Dolby Voice noise cancellation technology.

Just like technology has transformed communication, the determination to make things better continues to transform the world. Together, Deltapath and Dolby bring you audio that is superior to HD Voice on all your calls and solves many of the longstanding issues negatively impacting communication and collaboration.