Webinar Announced: Impact Sales Metrics and AI with Deltapath’s Noise Cancellation Gateway

Shelton, CT, 19 Nov, 2019 – Deltapath and TMC announced a new Webinar, Impact Sales Metrics and AI with Deltapath and Dolby Technologies, to be held Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 2:00PM EDT/11:00AM PDT.  The webinar is dedicated to providing insight on how to offer good audio quality to employees who work and attend meetings outside of their offices, and how to impact sales metrics by ensuring prospects and loyal customers can clearly hear employees and vice versa.  The webinar will be presented by David Liu, CEO and Founder of Deltapath Inc. and moderated by Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director at TMCnet.

“Despite so many alternative channels, voice remains paramount to successful business communications and is the best way to engage when it really matters.   When calls suffer from poor audio quality or distracting background noise, the experience deteriorates and what should be a positive engagement quickly becomes a liability,” said Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director at TMC.  “With today’s technology, there’s no reason employees or customers should have to deal with anything but crystal-clear voice.”

During Deltapath’s multi-country Asia tour, which takes place in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China this month, the company will be introducing its noise cancellation gateway and providing a demonstration for attendees.  The noise cancellation gateway is available to all businesses and operates on different platforms.

“Background noise is an age-old problem that has been polluting conversations and data for years.  While we can all control background noise in our office, it is impossible to do so outdoors,” said David Liu, CEO and Founder of Deltapath.  “The work-from-anywhere trend that is picking up momentum across the nation has resulted in more employees working and attending meetings while outside the traditional office space.  Our company wants employees and customers to all have positive, fulfilling experiences whenever they are on a phone call, even outdoors.” 

What Attendees will learn:

  • Learn how to cope with background noise while keeping up with the demands of business communication and work that takes place anywhere, but in an office.
  • Learn how to ensure background noise does not impact the integrity of the data harnessed from calls
  • Hear about the trends in the UC industry that are impacting sales metrics and improving customer experience.

Registration for “Impact Sales Metrics and AI with Deltapath and Dolby Technologies” is now open.

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