Deltapath Brings the Benefits of Dolby Voice to Everyday Business Communications

Experience superior audio quality and best in-class noise cancellation in every phone call

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 23, 2019 — Deltapath, a Unified Communications company well on its way to becoming a leader in its industry, today announced an agreement with Dolby Laboratories to offer an end-to-end unified communications solution that fully incorporates Dolby Voice. This integration will allow Deltapath to extend the reach of Dolby Voice from a conference bridge to mobile teams and inter-office teams for a superior audio experience. Dolby Voice uses advanced Dolby engineering in an intuitive design to deliver stunning audio. It is a true breakthrough in conferencing that delivers a dramatically better experience through easy-to-use technology and intelligently flexes to rooms and participants to give everyone an amazingly natural and productive meeting experience.

“A decade ago, Deltapath was one of the first in the industry to bring HD voice and video to everyday business communications,” stated David Liu, Deltapath’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer. “We have taken another big step forward to fill the gaps that are crippling communication and collaboration such as the inability to exchange information with customers from a noisy street, hear a person speaking from the back of a room when on speaker, and navigate conversations when voices overlap. Working with Dolby helps us deliver an exceptional experience in all of these scenarios by incorporating Dolby Voice and integrating the Dolby® Conference Phone. Our new product line solves the longstanding communication and collaboration problems and answers the new demands of the ever-changing and increasingly mobile workplace.”

“We are very excited to have Deltapath onboard as our first partner in the UC industry,” said Patrick Ferriter, Vice President of Business Development, Communications Business Group, Dolby Laboratories. “This relationship extends the coverage of Dolby Voice beyond audio conferencing. Organizations can now experience the benefits of Dolby Voice on every phone call using Deltapath.”

With the proliferation of virtual workplaces, satellite offices, telecommuters, and mobile workers sweeping across the world, not all conversations take place in a room with the door closed anymore. In fact, work as the world knows it is no longer about an office but something a person does anywhere. Airports, train terminals, and even a sidewalk can become a temporary workplace. Recognizing this, Deltapath Mobile, Deltapath’s mobile client, comes fully integrated with Dolby Voice so background noise will no longer highjack phone conversations. Dolby Voice also projects every speaker’s voice from a distinct location so if multiple conversations start at the same time, they never become intertwined or muffled. In addition, conference hosts can also take charge of audio conferences by inviting and managing participants right from Deltapath Mobile. The combination of Deltapath and Dolby’s technologies will allow users to experience superior audio calls leading to higher productivity.

About Deltapath

Deltapath liberates organizations from the barriers that prevent effective communication and revolutionizes the way organizations communicate through innovative technologies. The company specializes in solutions that unite different communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops, and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive.

Media Contact:
Shirmattie Seenarine

リード株式会社 「LA-cProアラート管理」が 「Medtecイノベーション大賞」入賞

デルタパスのテクニカルパートナーのリード株式会社様の「LA-cProアラート管理 」が4月に東京ビッグサイトで開催されたMedtec2018において「Medtecイノベーション大賞」で入賞をはたされました。受賞の対象の製品は、リード株式会社、群馬大学医学部附属病院(以下、 群馬大学病院)、Deltapath Inc.との共同プロジェクトで、現在群馬大学病院にて運用試験が行われています。ビデオ内では開発の背景や目的などをリード株式会社様が説明されています。

Deltapath Inc. (D): Congratulations on the receiving the 2018 Medtec Innovation Award! What are your thoughts in receiving this award?

LEAD Co., Ltd. (L): Thank you very much, we are honored to have received this award. We will continue to develop the system further, and will strive to obtain 1st prize.

D: What system did LEAD showcase for this event?

L: The La-cPro Alert Management System is a notification system that notifies doctors of any abnormal values that were detected from the patient’s test results that were generated from the examination department system.

D: What influenced LEAD to develop the La-cPro Alert Management System?

L: I visited the data inspection department at Gunma University Hospital. Currently, when an alert occurs, a notification gets sent to the department system. Sometimes an inspection technician does not catch an alert, therefore our thought is that by using smartphones that are already distributed to the staff at Gunma University, the staff can now also receive the alert notification.

D: What were some of the challenges in developing this system?

L: There are three systems that are dependent on each other, the inspection division system, the judgement system, and the notification system. The most difficult part was to develop the interface to integrate them as one system.

D: How does Deltapath’s Acute tie in with LEAD’s system?

L: The notification aspect is key to the success of our system. In the prototype, I used the free PBX. With it we were able to ring the phone but it was too difficult to display the test results on the web for the phone that rang. By using Deltapath’s Acute, it is now possible to display the inspection results on the web simultaneously with the notification.

D: What other fields are you considering to develop in the future?

L: Currently, the notification is limited to showing general results or bacteria results. In the future we would like to integrate and aggregate other various examination interfaces into the alert system.

D: Who are the target customers?

L: Hospitals which have already deployed smartphones to their staff, and healthcare institutions that have transitioned from PHS to smartphones.

D: What are the main benefits to deploying this system?

L: We believe that the system makes it possible to notify the doctors quickly and accurately of the panic value notification, thereby making a huge contribution to medical safety.

D: In what other industries can this system be used?

L: We see business opportunities in other fields such as manufacturing sites where production control is carried out.

デルタパスとシネックスインフォテックが販売代理 店契約。新しいモバイルソリューションの提供で医 療現場や企業での働き方改革を目指します。

デルタパス医療向けモバイルソリューションで医療従事者の業務負荷の軽減と生産 性の向上を実現し、医療の質の向上に貢献します。

各種業界向けに革新的なコミュニケーションソリューションを提供する Deltapath® (所在地: 米国カ リフォルニア州サンノゼ) は 2018 年 4 月 17 日シネックスインフォテック株式会社(以下シネックス インフォテック)との販売代理店契約を締結しました。今後は医療業界を主に革新的な UC ソリューシ ョンをシネックスインフォテックとともに提供していきます。

デルタパスジャパン株式会社 (以下デルタパス) カントリーマネージャー、奥田智巳

「日本市場でシネックスインフォテック様とともに弊社の UC ソリューションを提供していけることを大変うれしく思います。 シネックスインフォテック様の販売ネットワークと豊富な経験を活用し、 一般の企業だけでなく病院や介護施設等へ新しいモバイルコミュニケーションソリューションを提供し ていきます。Deltapath 医療ソリューションは群馬大学附属病院様など複数の国立大学での導入実績が ありますが、今後はシネックスインフォテック様とのパートナーシップのもとクラウドでのソリューシ ョンの提供も視野に入れ医療現場の働き方改革や医療の質の向上に貢献することを目指していきま す。」


シネックスインフォテック株式会社、常務執行役員 プロダクトマネジメント部門 部門長、神山 昌樹様

「我が国の少子化と急速な高齢化に伴い、将来的な労働人口の減少が問題となっています。Deltapath frSIP Acute™は、ヘルスケア業界向けソリューションとして、現場で働くスタッフの業務負荷の軽減 を実現しながら、患者や介護対象者へのサポートの質を向上し更に業務効率の向上にも貢献できると考 えております。 今後は、デルタパスジャパン様と連携し販売パートナー様に付加価値の高いソリュー ションを提供することでヘルスケア業界のコミュニケーション変革と更なる活性化に貢献していきたい と考えております。 」


デルタパスの医療向けモバイルソリューション frSIP® Acute™ は、病院における院内コミュニケーショ ンの新しいスタンダードを目指します。 frSIP Acute を利用することでナースコールシステムやその他 の院内情報システムの統合を可能にし、患者および医療従事者間のコミュニケーションを簡素化し、ま たその精度の向上を実現します。医療従事者は frSIP Acute の利用で無駄なコミュニケーションや業務 負荷を削減することで、より医療サービスの質の向上へ時間を費やすことが可能になります。

Deltapath に関して

Deltapath は、組織内の効率的なコミュニケーションを妨げる障壁を取り除き、それぞれの組織がコミ ュニケーションに求めるニーズを満たすソリューションを提供します。Deltapath は、オーディオ/ビ デオ会議端末、電話、PC、モバイルデバイスなどさまざまなコミュニケーションプラットフォームを 統合して、コミュニケーションをより簡易に直感的に利用できる環境を提供します。 コミュニケーシ ョンソリューションはシンプルでアクセスが簡易であることが重要だと Deltapath は考えます。

商号 : デルタパスジャパン株式会社 所在地 : 〒135-0064 東京都江東区青海 2 丁目 7-4 the SOHO 501 代表 : カントリーマネージャー 奥田 智巳 ホームページ:


シネックスインフォテック株式会社は、米国にて 1980 年に創立され 2016 年度には連結売上 高 140 億ドルを計上し、全世界 26 ヵ国で 110,000 人以上の従業員が勤務する、IT 製品を中心とした ディストリビューション・ビジネスプロセスサービスを提供する SYNNEX Corporation の日本法人で す。国内で最初の外資系 IT ディストリビュータとして IT のトレンドをいち早く取込み「新しい商材で 新しいビジネスを切り開く」という販売店の皆様の課題解決に貢献いたします。 商号 : シネックスインフォテック株式会社 所在地 : 〒135-8559 東京都江東区東陽 6-3-1 東京イースト 21 ビジネスセンター2F 代表 : 代表取締役社長&CEO ティージェイ・トロージャン ホームページ:


デルタパスとシネックスインフォテックが販売代理 店契約。新しいモバイルソリューションの提供で医 療現場や企業での働き方改革を目指します。

報道関係者向けのお問い合わせ先 デルタパスジャパン株式会社 マーケティング部 常松 E メール:

SYNNEX ICT カンファレンス

2月14日にShibuya Hikarieで開催されたSYNNEX ICTカンファレンスにおいて、創設者兼CEOのDavid Liuおよびデルタパスジャパン株式会社のカントリーマネージャー奥田智巳が弊社の医療向けモバイルソリューションfrSIP Acute™(以下Acute)のプレゼンテーションを行いました。

セッション内ではAcuteとケアコム社のナースコール連携、およびリード社が提供するAcuteを利用したLa-cPro アラート管理による“パニックバリュー通知”をご紹介し、これからの院内コミュニケーションの方向性を示しました。

同セッション内では6社(マイクロソフト社、グーグル社含む)によるプレゼンテーションが実施されましたが、弊社のプレゼンテーションは参加者から高く評価され、アンケートで9割近い方がその内容に満足されたという結果を受けました。また、イベント開催中にはシネックスインフォテック株式会社 取締役社長&CEOのT.J. Trojan氏とも話を出来たことに深く感謝したいと思います。


Connecting You and Your Loved Ones this Mid-Autumn Festival

October 4th marks the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2017 according to the Chinese lunar calendar. This festival is also known as the Moon Festival due to the moon being at its fullest and brightest during this time. The festival is the second grandest festival in China after Chinese New Year, and marks a time when the ancient Chinese would express their gratitude to the moon and celebrate a bountiful harvest.

During the festival, families join together to appreciate the bright full moon, eat moon cake, and reminisce on family and friends that are living abroad. Many famous ancient poets would write about the moon and express their homesickness. Moon cakes are delicious pastries that have an egg yolk in the center that represents the full moon. The full moon was often used as a symbol of family reunion in Chinese culture, and therefore due to the moon cakes round form, they symbolize the reunion with and togetherness of family. Eating these pastries evokes a sense of nostalgia for relatives and friends that live abroad.

You might be wondering, what does this holiday have to do with Deltapath?

Deltapath was born out of a need to keep in touch and stay connected with family members while our CEO, David Liu, was studying abroad. Like the ancient poets, the feeling of homesickness really hits home. With Deltapath enabling video and audio endpoints, it’s now easy for families to reunite using any device and allow everyone to celebrate with each other face-to-face in any location during this holiday.  Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the full moon!

We take great pride in being able to connect families and create memorable experiences for everyone. To all, we wish you a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival!

Promote Instant Collaboration with Deltapath inTeam

the integrated push-to-talk mobile solution without any geographical boundaries

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 12, 2017 — Deltapath inTeam is the ultimate solution for transforming the way your organization communicates. Inspired to integrate conventional communication workflows with technology, Deltapath, Inc. announces the release of Deltapath inTeam, an all-in-one mobile app for organizations to enjoy push-to-talk (PTT) over Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE cellular data.

With Deltapath inTeam, different forms of communication are consolidated to offer users a more enriching and powerful experience. Users not only get to enjoy push-to-talk, audio calls, video calls, and instant messaging, they can also receive and acknowledge alarm or incident alerts on a single mobile device and an all-in-one mobile app. The Deltapath inTeam app also passes along savings to organizations, offers encrypted communication channels, and provides push-to-talk history and recordings, which takes organizational communication workflows to a whole new level.

With the built-in capabilities to integrate with third party systems using REST API for receiving and relaying critical information, and tracking response times, Deltapath inTeam can help impact a vast number of industries including, but not limited to property management, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, transportation, education, public safety, and healthcare.

Deltapath inTeam Boosts Workflow Integration at a Hong Kong Shopping Mall, MegaBox

MegaBox is a revolutionary shopping, dining and entertainment complex in one of Hong Kong’s most established commercial and retail districts in East Kowloon. Covering 1.1 million sq. ft., it provides a full and varied experience with a unique mixture of attractions and shopping zones. It is destined to become a must-visit family and tourist destination.

MegaBox deployed Deltapath inTeam to a team of 200 personnel from customer service, security, and engineering. By also integrating their building management system with Deltapath inTeam, personnel on the ground instantly receive, respond, and take action to a variety of alarms — ventilation, lighting, power, fire, and security.

“With Deltapath inTeam, it helps to keep a team of 200 personnel on the same page. Concierge team can easily notify multiple teams such as security, engineering and housekeeping of an issue that is shopper impacted with a push of a button. In addition, Deltapath inTeam helps to simplify day-to-day property management at the mall by enabling all of our responsible personnel to be alerted and presented with detail alarm information and enable team members to respond in a timely manner to ensure a satisfying shopper experience,” said Dora Chan, Deputy Director -Property Services, MegaBox Management Services Limited.

Stay Connected with Your Team Beyond Walkie-Talkie Coverage Distances

With users enjoying push-to-talk on Deltapath inTeam over 3G/LTE cellular data, significant investments are eliminated as organizations no longer have to take on additional costs to reduce range limitations like they did when using walkie-talkies. With Deltapath inTeam, users can stay connected with their team regardless of location, as long as they are connected to the internet. ­

About Deltapath

Deltapath offers unified, intuitive communications solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Deltapath’s vision is to connect multiple vendors in the UC ecosystem to make communication a truly unified experience. ­

Media Contact:
Irene Yeung
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Introducing Deltapath O365 Connector – the Solution for Scaling your Business on Microsoft Office 365

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 21, 2017 — The search is finally over for Microsoft Office 365 customers, who have been looking for a way to connect their business phone lines and systems to Skype for Business Online. With a vision to bridge the gap between different UC environments, Deltapath, Inc. announces the release of O365 Connector, an audio gateway designed for organizations that have adopted Microsoft Office 365 and are seeking to unleash the full potential of Skype for Business. 

Microsoft Office 365 E1 and E3 subscribers can transform their experience with O365 Connector, which bridges their PSTN and PBX services to Skype for Business Online.  This allows business calls to be channeled through legacy desk phones as well as Skype For Business clients, giving added convenience to answer and make business calls from anywhere at anytime as well as eliminating mobile voice roaming fees. Office 365 E5 Cloud PBX subscribers can also utilize O365 Connector to grow their business with purpose-built applications like Contact Center.

With its existing telephone system running in parallel with the cloud, organizations can be reassured that telephony services remain operational even in the event of an Internet outage.  O365 Connector is also designed with an all-in-one simplified architecture that removes the complexity of connecting multiple telephone systems from multiple vendors to Microsoft Office 365. 

“Deltapath has continued to drive its innovation around interoperability between different UC environments.  With Deltapath O365 Connector, organizations can maintain the best of both worlds, by having easy and convenient ways to interact on Skype for Business while taking a risk-free adoption approach to maintain their existing PBX and PSTN practically unchanged, protecting their investment,” said David Liu, Founder and CEO of Deltapath.

Deltapath O365 Connector protects your investment and drives ROI

Deltapath O365 Connector solves an age-old dilemma for Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business users: Connecting legacy telephone systems and desk phones with Skype for Business.  Many organizations have invested heavily in their corporate telephone systems and as a result, may remain reluctant to immediately displace all of their invested telephony equipment with a new generation of Skype for Business certified equipment.  With O365 Connector as a bridge between Skype for Business and the legacy world, employees can now answer their desk phone calls or make calls on their Skype for Business desktop or mobile.

Other organizations have also invested heavily in their own audio conference bridge. O365 Connector allows meeting participants to join an audio conference anywhere in the world from any Skype for Business client.  This allows organizations to enjoy large savings on toll and line rental as less and less participants are using the organization’s toll free number.  

About Deltapath

Deltapath offers unified, intuitive communications solutions for enterprises and companies of all shapes and sizes.  Deltapath’s vision is to connect multiple vendors in the UC ecosystem to make communication a truly unified experience.  For more information, visit

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Deltapath Introduces Deltapath Connector, the Most Comprehensive Gateway for Polycom RealPresence Trio

Extends the reach from huddle rooms to mobile teams, and connects the broadest range of Polycom endpoints to third party UC infrastructure

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 28, 2016 — Deltapath, Inc., the leading video focused unified communications solutions provider, today introduced the Deltapath Connector – a communication gateway for Polycom® RealPresence Trio™ with embedded high-definition audio conference bridge, supports wireless content sharing, mobile collaboration, and act as a gateway to business telephone system.  

Deltapath Connector is a solution that envisions the workplace as an ecosystem of equipment, devices, and other things that must seamlessly and collectively work together. Specifically, Deltapath Connector allows all Polycom endpoints and infrastructure to connect to each other by extension number or room number.  It is designed with a simplified approach that includes a firewall, Session Border Controller, audio conferencing bridge, SIP proxy, call routing engine, and endpoint-provisioning server all in a single device. The all-in-one architecture offers native support for Polycom devices in telephony, video, content sharing, mobile video conferencing and endpoint provisioning.

A gateway for Polycom devices 

“The Polycom RealPresence Trio is a lot more than just a conference phone, instead it’s a multi-function collaboration solution.  We see the potential of bringing the RealPresence Trio, using Deltapath Connector, to collaborate with teams and customers on demand and in real-time, to drive up productivity, make decisions faster, and eventually build long lasting business relationships,” said David Liu, Founder and CEO of Deltapath.

Enterprises are seeking increased productivity and efficiency through the fast adoption of audio and video communications solutions that genuinely bring together multi-vendor communications environments. Deltapath Connector, through seamless integration with Polycom’s broadest range of endpoints, enables business communications that extends across desktop, mobile devices, room-based settings, and traditional telephones.  

“We envision Deltapath Connector as a gateway for Polycom equipment, in particularly the award-winning RealPresence Trio, to integrate with legacy third party telephone systems, unifying video and voice with a simple dial plan and offering access to Polycom room-based settings from any regular telephone,” said Ashan Willy, Senior Vice President, Product Management & Worldwide Systems Engineering, Polycom.

Deltapath Connector drives adoption and ROI

While many organizations have invested in room-based videoconference systems and made these systems their core collaboration tool, they are often challenged by the need to make videoconferencing available beyond their conference rooms.  Deltapath Connector enables organizations to easily adopt the Polycom® RealPresence® Mobile software and Polycom® RealPresence® Desktop collaboration software across their mobile workforce to provide easy to use face-to-face collaboration for every conversation regardless of where they are.

Open standards-based platform and native application interoperability promises network externality

Enterprises are seeking increased productivity and efficiency through the fast adoption of audio and video communications solutions that genuinely bring together multi-vendor communications environments. Deltapath Connector, through seamless integration with Polycom’s broadest range of endpoints, enables business communications that extends across desktop, mobility, and room-based settings.

The unique open-standards approach of the Deltapath Connector ensures integration with industry’s leading audio and video communications endpoints and platforms, such as Cisco UC and Avaya Aura platform.

HD Audio Conferencing Bridge and bridging Polycom endpoints with regular telephones

“Deltapath Connector is a communication gateway with an embedded audio conferencing bridge that enables Polycom customers to host up to 32 concurrent participants on its own audio conferencing bridge in high definition taking full advantage of the RealPresence Trio’s studio quality audio,” said Andy Chan, Director of Solution Architecture and Professional Services at Deltapath.

The audio conferencing bridge also comes with a suite of productivity tools such as host control, outbound dialing, meeting invites and one-time guest access codes for participants to join via PSTN, SIP or mobile apps.

About Deltapath Connector

Deltapath Connector is a communication gateway designed for Polycom endpoints and infrastructure servers to integrate with third party telephony systems.  The all-in-one architecture offers native support for a complete series of Polycom endpoints to offer video, voice, content sharing, as well as centralized management and provisioning.  It has a design philosophy of making video as simple as a phone call, which people can utilize anytime, anywhere, from any device.  For more details of Deltapath Connector, please visit

About Polycom

Polycom helps organizations unleash the power of human collaboration. More than 400,000 companies and institutions worldwide defy distance with secure video, voice and content solutions from Polycom to increase productivity, speed time to market, provide better customer service, expand education and save lives. Polycom and its global partner ecosystem provide flexible collaboration solutions for any environment that deliver the best user experience, the broadest multi-vendor interoperability and unmatched investment protection.  Visit or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to learn more.

About Deltapath

Deltapath offers unified, intuitive communications solutions for enterprises and companies of all shapes and sizes.  Our products transform distant impersonal services into personal interactions, offering lifelike telecommuting and video conferencing accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device.  Healthcare providers, educational institutions, contact centers, serviced offices, business service providers, retailers and wholesalers, media and public institutions have deployed Deltapath solutions across 94 countries.  For more information, visit

Polycom Contact
Cameron Craig
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Deltapath Contact
Amanda Bok
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