TMCnet: Fast Food Gets an Upgrade Thanks To Deltapath

For those of in IT and communications, well, if you are like us, anyway, you wonder about things like why do the speakers at drive-through restaurants and trains sound so awful. Actually, this seems to be a problem everyone wonders about.

At least that’s what comes to mind when we watch this scene from the Charlie’s Angels movie, Full Throttle.

The above came to mind when we learned Carl’s Jr selected Deltapath’s UCaaS solution.

“Upgrading with our existing provider involved large upfront costs, but didn’t offer the long-term flexibility we needed to meet our expanding communication goals,” says Stephen Mitchell, Telecommunications Manager at Carl’s Jr.

By choosing an adaptable UC solution, CKE Restaurant Holdings gained a competitive advantage in the quick-service restaurant industry. Starting in 2013, CKE oversaw a gradual, seamless migration to the Deltapath UC platform among Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s offices. The company expanded with Poly phones and connected Polycom/Poly video conferencing devices to the same platform, unifying the new equipment with existing UC architecture.  Numerous interactions also take place on the Deltapath built-in Dolby Voice Audio Conference bridge, hosting over 5,000 hours of conference calls a year.  Not only was there huge savings on conference bills but the noise filtering technology also helped to improve the conference experience significantly without having people to constantly mute and unmute themselves. 

We told you about Deltapath’s Dolby-powered solutions last year in fact. It’s great to see the progress the company has made.

While we aren’t sure the drive-through speakers have gotten the upgrade as well, we know they could certainly use an upgrade to better quality from Deltapath and Poly.


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