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SAN JOSE, Calif., June 12, 2017 — Deltapath inTeam is the ultimate solution for transforming the way your organization communicates. Inspired to integrate conventional communication workflows with technology, Deltapath, Inc. announces the release of Deltapath inTeam, an all-in-one mobile app for organizations to enjoy push-to-talk (PTT) over Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE cellular data.

With Deltapath inTeam, different forms of communication are consolidated to offer users a more enriching and powerful experience. Users not only get to enjoy push-to-talk, audio calls, video calls, and instant messaging, they can also receive and acknowledge alarm or incident alerts on a single mobile device and an all-in-one mobile app. The Deltapath inTeam app also passes along savings to organizations, offers encrypted communication channels, and provides push-to-talk history and recordings, which takes organizational communication workflows to a whole new level.

With the built-in capabilities to integrate with third party systems using REST API for receiving and relaying critical information, and tracking response times, Deltapath inTeam can help impact a vast number of industries including, but not limited to property management, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, transportation, education, public safety, and healthcare.

Deltapath inTeam Boosts Workflow Integration at a Hong Kong Shopping Mall, MegaBox

MegaBox is a revolutionary shopping, dining and entertainment complex in one of Hong Kong’s most established commercial and retail districts in East Kowloon. Covering 1.1 million sq. ft., it provides a full and varied experience with a unique mixture of attractions and shopping zones. It is destined to become a must-visit family and tourist destination.

MegaBox deployed Deltapath inTeam to a team of 200 personnel from customer service, security, and engineering. By also integrating their building management system with Deltapath inTeam, personnel on the ground instantly receive, respond, and take action to a variety of alarms — ventilation, lighting, power, fire, and security.

“With Deltapath inTeam, it helps to keep a team of 200 personnel on the same page. Concierge team can easily notify multiple teams such as security, engineering and housekeeping of an issue that is shopper impacted with a push of a button. In addition, Deltapath inTeam helps to simplify day-to-day property management at the mall by enabling all of our responsible personnel to be alerted and presented with detail alarm information and enable team members to respond in a timely manner to ensure a satisfying shopper experience,” said Dora Chan, Deputy Director -Property Services, MegaBox Management Services Limited.

Stay Connected with Your Team Beyond Walkie-Talkie Coverage Distances

With users enjoying push-to-talk on Deltapath inTeam over 3G/LTE cellular data, significant investments are eliminated as organizations no longer have to take on additional costs to reduce range limitations like they did when using walkie-talkies. With Deltapath inTeam, users can stay connected with their team regardless of location, as long as they are connected to the internet. ­

About Deltapath

Deltapath offers unified, intuitive communications solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Deltapath’s vision is to connect multiple vendors in the UC ecosystem to make communication a truly unified experience. ­

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