Deltapath Releases Unified Communications Service Provider Edition

Bringing an Agile, Scalable, and Feature Rich UcaaS Solution to Telecommunications and Managed Service Providers, Cloud Providers, and Other Companies

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 3, 2022 — Deltapath, a Unified Communications company specializing in revolutionizing how organizations and people communicate, announced the release of its Deltapath UC Service Provider Edition (SPE). The Deltapath UC SPE offers a feature-rich Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution to companies of all sizes in telecommunications and other industries.

According to IDC, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) will grow to over 66 billion by 2025 from 47.2 billion in 2020 (1). Much of the projected growth results from the Covid-19 pandemic and the shift to remote work, with remote employees increasing from 34 percent to 87 percent (2). In addition, a distributed workforce creates numerous needs, including video conferencing, which 86.9 percent of organizations view as a critical piece of technology (3). To meet these changing needs, organizations invest in Cloud-based UCaaS platforms.

UCaaS offers an integrated solution that reconnects employees, improves collaboration, and creates a more productive workflow through telephony, virtual engagement, team collaboration apps, support for a mix of devices, and other collaboration capabilities.

The Deltapath UC SPE directly responds to the changing UC&C environment. With Deltapath’s solution, telecommunications service providers can maintain a competitive edge by responding faster to their customers’ needs and offering features and capabilities in demand. For instance, telecommunications service providers can answer two of the most significant demands today – the ability to work from anywhere on any device.

The Deltapath UC Service Provider Edition embraces interoperability to support a best-of-breed environment. As a result, different brands of endpoints from Polycom/Poly, Cisco, to Avaya work together in a single environment. The solution also supports many End of Life and End of Support/Sale endpoints allowing companies to capitalize on their investments and keep endpoints out of landfills.

The UCaaS solution is also agile and scalable, opening the door for Managed Services Providers and Cloud Providers looking to move into the telecommunications sector and adding a new revenue stream with UC as a service. 

“With the Deltapath UC Service Provider Edition, companies have the opportunity to offer enterprise-level, mission-critical communication services to meet the demands of their employees and customers now instead of in the future. Create a new business or create a new revenue stream by offering different communication modes, better collaboration tools, interoperability, and connectedness. Deltapath also recognizes that every company does not have deep pockets. With our solution delivered in the cloud, companies do not need additional resources to create new features and capabilities to meet demands or create a competitive edge. Instead, companies can free up time to focus on their core competencies. They also do not need additional resources to manage the Deltapath UC SPE. As a result, companies can evolve by providing more features and services to their customers without enormous capital costs.” said David Liu, Founder and CEO of Deltapath.

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About Deltapath Inc. 

Deltapath liberates organizations from the barriers that prevent effective communication and revolutionizes the way organizations communicate through innovative technologies that meet the needs and wants of organizations.

We specialize in solutions that unite different communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops, and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive.

We believe that every solution should embody simplicity and offer users the correct form of communication for the right occasion, right at their fingertips.

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