Deltapath Cloud-Based Phone System Review: How to Modernize SMB Communications

For years, large enterprises have been reaping the investment rewards in innovative, feature-rich, unified communication stacks. They have benefitted from internal workforce efficiencies, increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and enhanced customer experience.

For many small to mid-sized businesses looking on, transforming their traditional telephony into modern, cloud-powered communication systems may have seemed like complex and expensive over-engineering.

That’s until now.

Today, SMBs want (and can have) the same powerful, unified communication functionality that consumers have come to expect whenever they interact with brands and organizations. Systems tailored to respond to the specific needs of SMBs need not be massive, overly complex, or expensive. In fact, the transition from the old to the new can be surprisingly easy, swift, and painless.

Like its competitors in the Unified Communications space, such as RingCentral, 8×8, Dialpad, and Ooma, Deltapath provides a unified workplace experience for its customers. Its new ‘one-stop-shop’ bundled phone service for the US SMB market, however, presents a unique and differentiating offering from its competitors. Perhaps the most critical factors distinguishing Deltapath from its competitors are its user-centric flexibility, unwavering transparency, customer support, and its offering of Dolby’s background noise cancellation feature.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits.

Business phone – Experience a feature-rich desktop and mobile app to make and receive voice calls, auto-attendant, voicemail, and call routing. These features enhance customer service, ensuring calls are answered promptly or directed to the proper departments or individuals quickly, improving customer satisfaction. Customers also receive premium Polycom business phones with every plan. They are renowned for their speakerphone quality, audio acoustics, innovation, and user-centric design.

Business SMS – Businesses can easily extend their reach outside their company. Engage in business-to-business and business-to-consumer text messages in a one-to-one or group chat.

Instant Messaging – Real-time internal colleague communication results in information flowing faster between employees. As a result, employees can address customers’ needs quickly and more confidently by chatting with each other and supervisors.

Video Conferencing – Entirely web-based, so no application installations are required. Plus, it remains compatible with traditional video conferencing systems like SIP and H.323 endpoints, which offers significant cost savings. Companies like Zoom and RingCentral charge for integrating these endpoints.

CRM Integration – Out-of-the-box frictionless integration with popular customer relationship management systems such as Salesforce and Zendesk enables users to quickly access customer information and telephone functions such as hold and call transfer in a single window during a call without switching screens or applications or picking up a desk phone.

No Term Agreement – Being forced to sign long-term contracts impedes many small businesses’ desire to modernize and grow. Deltapath month-to-month plans do not lock customers into long-term agreements; they can cancel anytime without penalties.

Transparent Pricing – Month-to-month subscription isn’t inflated with hidden fees like Regulatory Cost Recovery, Directory Listing Management, or Voice Network Investment fees. Deltapath offers upfront clarity.

Noise Cancellation – Background noise is always an issue especially when calls are taken outside the office. With Deltapath’s integration with Dolby’s noise cancellation feature, background noise becomes a thing of the past.

The Deltapath system empowers SMBs to work smarter and deliver a stellar communication experience. Whether desktop or mobile, it provides everything a business needs to connect with coworkers and customers. It boosts professionalism and enhances public perception. Importantly, it drives efficiency by replacing long-term legacy costs with cheaper, agile, and scalable month-to-month flexibility.

Single-Platform Simplicity – The unified, bundled service gives SMBs everything they need to run a modern, secure, effective, and productive operation: state-of-the-art voice, video, and messaging functionality plus exceptional employee collaboration tools, all without compromising ease of use and without the need for an IT team.

Modern Mobility – All Deltapath packages ensure continuous connectivity for users with their customers and coworkers while on the go by including the Deltapath Mobile App for iOS and Android devices and Deltapath Engage, a flexible softphone application compatible with Windows and Mac.

Scalability and Growth – Easily allows for additional lines, extensions, and advanced features without a complete overhaul, enabling businesses to adapt seamlessly to changing needs.

Support – Deltapath’s global onboarding, training, and support teams are there 24/7 to ensure customers get the most out of their cloud-based phone system.

Affordable, flexible, and feature-rich, the Deltapath ‘one-stop-shop’ cloud-based communication bundle equips SMBs with the modern tools they need to empower their workforces and connect with their customers. It is an easy-to-buy, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-use system; it literally puts the power of cloud-based technology into the hands of businesses hungry to reap the rewards of the digital revolution. Cost-saving, flexible, and easily scalable, it is the perfect risk-free way to transition from the old world to the new – and to enjoy the benefits of an enterprise approach without enterprise-style investment. To learn more, visit the company’s SMB Phone Service page or contact Deltapath.


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