Defying the Giants: How Deltapath Revolutionizes Unified Communications

In the realm of Unified Communications (UC), where industry giants like Cisco, Mitel, Avaya, and Alcatel-Lucent dominate, there is a player defying the odds and revolutionizing the landscape. Deltapath is breaking the mold with its innovative approach and remarkable achievements.

Deltapath‘s journey began over 20 years ago when founder, David Liu, sought to find a solution to the exorbitant costs of international calls. He focused on establishing more affordable communication options for individuals through internet-based calling (VOIP). This led to the birth of Deltapath, which has now evolved into a UC company, catering to organizations seeking enhanced communication, collaboration, and productivity.


Operating in an industry dominated by giants, Deltapath distinguishes itself by tackling unaddressed struggles faced by its competitors. For example, product compatibility is a challenge the company has taken head-on. Specializing in interoperability, Deltapath allows customers to handpick solutions from various vendors and seamlessly integrate them into their unified communications platform. This unique approach empowers businesses to optimize their operations without being locked into a single vendor’s offerings.

The company’s success in different geographical locations has emphasized the importance of cultural awareness. Japan, for instance, demands patience and commitment from businesses seeking to establish themselves. Contracts in Japan can take years to secure due to companies meticulously vetting their potential partners. Deltapath’s keen understanding of this process and quality products that solve real-world problems have resulted in a successful track record in Japan, particularly in the healthcare industry.

In response to the pressing needs of healthcare facilities, Deltapath introduced a cutting-edge healthcare solution in Japan, addressing the challenges posed by ongoing events such as the current aging population crisis, as well as unexpected events like natural disasters, and world health crises such as the recent Covid pandemic. By facilitating improved workflow efficiency and enabling healthcare workers to deliver the highest quality of care, Deltapath’s healthcare solution has garnered attention from world-class advanced-care hospitals in Japan.

As the world grapples with the repercussions of the global pandemic, healthcare facilities worldwide have recognized the urgent need for transformation. Deltapath aims to expand its healthcare solution globally, providing more healthcare workers around the world with the tools they need to excel.

Beyond its focus on healthcare, Deltapath’s platform serves multiple verticals, diversifying its offerings and tailoring its products and services to cater to specific industries such as hospitality, retail, government, energy, and contact centers. With a well-integrated communication stack, including APIs and SDKs, customers observe increased productivity, improved customer experience, and gain the opportunity to explore additional revenue streams.

The growing market of UCaaS presents an array of opportunities, and Deltapath actively collaborates with carriers, managed service providers, and telecom resellers to expand their service portfolios. By offering a carrier-grade platform and white-labeled applications, Deltapath enables these companies to leverage its services under their own brand.

No matter the industry, as businesses seek to enhance their agility, workflow, productivity, and customer experience, Deltapath’s specialized approach to unified communications positions it as a company to keep watching. And as the company continues to expand its reach and make impacts in the healthcare sector, the future looks bright for Deltapath.


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