CX Today: Amazing Analytics Start with Noise Cancelling Tech

Call analytics has been a crucial component of business growth for years now. Businesses are now turning call conversation into valuable data from identifying the caller’s identity with voice signature to lie detection by studying patterns of the voice similar to a Polygraph. In any industry, the ability to evaluate the quality of calls, the […]

UC Today: The New “C” in UC

Communication is not about just having the connection anymore… The digital age has taken a new turn. For years much of the focus was put on information; how easy and fast we could access it and how we could secure our own data that we didn’t want others to see. Now we are in the […]

CX Today: Measuring CX – Greater Brand Loyalty and Increased Spending

Measuring customer experience (CX) simply seems like the best course of action and the “right thing to do” as a follow-up with valued customers. Everyone wants to know what pleases customers and what drives them to remain loyal to a brand. Consider the fact that customers who had the best experience went on to spend […]


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