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In today’s age of flexible work arrangements and mobile workforces, the ability to connect employees with colleagues, customers, and partners wherever they are physically located is more important than ever.  It’s one of the reasons unified communications services continue see increased adoption.

But, often, that is not in a quiet office setting, but in a public setting or job site where background noise can be a significant distraction.  If you’ve ever been on a call with someone who is outdoors or on a busy warehouse floor, you know well how difficult it can be to clearly hear them.

Much of the UC conversation focuses on the ability to offer users choice of channels and other productivity features – those features that can eliminate a big portion of redundant communications and wasted time each day.  Call quality is also a big part of the conversation.  Businesses need to know their communications services are not only reliable, but the voice quality is superior.

What is often missing, though, is how to handle all the background noise during conversations that take place in non-traditional settings, short of using the mute feature.  But, that doesn’t work when employees who are actively engaged in conversation are in those noisy settings.

The problem of background noise extends beyond the two-way conversation, though.  With so much of customer service being directed towards AI-driven automated communication, which relies on voice recognition, background noise can render AI largely useless, creating a very negative customer experience.  If you’ve ever had a speech-enabled experience where the voice recognition engine doesn’t accurately understand what you’re saying, you’re well aware of the frustration it can cause.

Whether you’re running a sales team, customer service organization, developing or using voice-driven AI solutions, or simply using UC to deliver a better communications experience for your employees and customers, it’s likely background noise is a factor in many of your voice engagements.

Webinar: TMCnet x Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway Live Webinar — Register Now

Companies are no longer just discussing what the right office environment is for good audio quality. Today, the discussion also focuses on how to offer incredible audio quality to employees who work and attend meetings outside of the office in noisy environments. With the Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway, which leverages Dolby’s audio technology, callers and call recipients experience crystal clear audio even in the noisiest situations.

Equally important, companies fueling their artificial intelligence (AI) work with the capture of voice data or voice commands, probably already know that background noise can negatively impact their AI engine’s accuracy rate when interpreting and analyzing data. Whether your AI engine is analyzing voice input, interpreting voice commands, transcribing audio to text, or interpreting peoples’ emotions through their tone of voice, the Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway can ensure you capture high quality audio and boost your AI engine’s accuracy rate by filtering noise pollution.

Discover how Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway can benefit your industry and find out how easy it integrates with your platform.

What the audience will learn:

  • Learn how to cope with background noise while keeping up with the demands of business communication and work that takes place outside the office – Learn how to ensure background noise does not impact the integrity of the data harnessed from voice calls or voice inputs
  • Discover how to enhance your IVR, empower your voice assistants, decrease the amount of time call center agents spend with callers while improving – customer service
  • Hear about the trends in the UC industry that are impacting customer experience

Who should watch:

  • UC architects across every industry
  • AI developers capturing voice data or developing voice assistants
  • Business users who experience background noise on their calls such as remote workers, sales employees, and contact center agents

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